Allen, Texas–based SoliSYSTEMS was founded in 2001 to provide the best IT services and solutions by matching the problem to the right technology, taking into consideration factors such as time and cost. 


 SoliSYSTEMS helps clients define and develop IT goals and strategies.We have an excellent track record of delivering quality work with excellent customer satisfaction with its existing and past customers.

Roque Solis

Roque is an experienced IT professional and consultant with nearly 30 years of successful engagements, both public and private, from product development to technology enhancements of existing solutions.

Our Mission

SoliSYSTEMS’ goal is to deliver complete IT solutions that integrate the best product(s) for the task at hand and to deliver dependable technical support. We clearly understand that each component of an information system is integral to the working whole. At SoliSYSTEMS, we stay in stride with the progress of information technology, to continuously support our clients with well-positioned solutions!

Over 20 Years of Experience

SoliSYSTEMS is a highly experienced technology integration vendor with a strong background in providing IT support to both state governments and to commercial enterprises. We have the depth, flexibility and commitment to deliver on-time results. The word that helps define us in a nutshell is nimble. We are flexible and quick to adapt in response to evolving customers’ needs.

Our Value Proposition

Maximize Value

We believe that putting off a project due to lack of funds is not always the best approach, especially if the problem is significantly impacting your company or customers. We offer value-based pricing on software development projects allowing you to extend your capabilities only when you need to.

Optimize Impact

Acquiring talent with specific skill-sets to accomplish one-off projects is often not the best use of your operating capital. We offer value-based pricing on highly specialized resources to address your immediate needs so there is no long-term commitment on your part.